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DEVO performed at the 2008 Macworld Expo in San Francisco as part of Microsoft's Mac Blast! release party for it's Office for Mac software.

Q: How did DEVO end up performing live at a Microsoft/Macworld sponsored event?

A: In the spring of 2007, Mark Mothersbaugh was invited by Microsoft to participate in their "Art Of Office" project, which showcased a few of Mark's "Postcard Diaries" images. Shortly after the project was completed, I spoke to my contact at Microsoft, Sheridan Jones, about the possibility of a Mothersbaugh art show in San Francisco during the Macworld Expo in January 2008, where Microsoft would be promoting their Office for Mac software. Our conversations eventually mutated into the idea to have DEVO perform live at the Microsoft Office Launch Party at Macworld 2008, and we were actually able to implement both ideas in time for the expo.

This was not a standard, public DEVO show, but a private party/corporate event, but a couple hundred tickets were made available to the general public on DEVO's web site.

Because we thought it was important that true DEVOtees be in attendance, Microsoft provided a couple dozen free tickets to distribute to die-hard DEVO fans in the Northern CA area. We knew these spuds would follow their genetic imperative, show up wearing DEVOlved gear, and really appreciate the experience.

A few hardcore spuds went so far as to book flights from all parts of the globe to see the spud boys at this particular concert, which would be DEVO's first time at The Warfield since their last show there back in 1981.

Doors opened at The Warfield at 8pm, and those who entered were treated to some fantastic gift bags courtesy of Microsoft. Each bag included a limited edition DEVO imagery card set, a T-shirt, sticker, and candy. Microsoft also gave away a few hundred free Energy Domes to a select group of 300 people.

It was immediately apparent that there were two groups of people in the crowd that night; Those who "get" Devo, and those who don't. If DEVO came to spread the truth about Devolution, then they had their job cut out for them.

After Microsoft reps distributed a bundle of high-tech door prizes to a some lucky attendees, DEVO took the stage and cranked out a high-energy set of 16 classic songs, ending with Booji Boy's rendition of Beautiful World. It was during the finale of this song that Booji Boy delivered a call to arms to the computer-savy audience.

(Follow the rest of the report linked to the photos on this page to read more about DEVO's performance, and details on Booji's plea during Beautiful World).

After the show, Microsoft hosted a meet & greet backstage where the band signed domes & card sets & all manners of spudwazz for guests of Microsoft, as well as a few hardcore DEVO fans, and friends of the band.

After the corporate meet & greet backstage, most of the band retired to their hotels with their families. Many of the hardcore DEVOtees headed straight over to Annie's Social Club for the highly Devolved After Party celebration...which went on into the early morning hours. Thanks to Marc Friedman for setting up the party, and Mongolounge & Mongoloid for their fantastic live performance (as usual!).

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-Michael Pilmer / for Devo, Inc.

Thanks to everyone who supplied photos for this report!