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DEVOtional Event - Cleveland, OH - August 10th, 2002 - REPORT and PHOTOS
A great event celebrating geekiness and insane loyalty to Devo. What has become an annual event in Cleveland, Ohio was as entertaining as ever this year. General Boy, Jim Mothersbaugh, and Ivan Stang (Church Of The Subgenius) talked to the fans about all that is Devo. A gaggle of folks who think about more than Whip It and "flower pot hats" when they think of Devo showed up from as far as Vancouver, California, and Arizona. A delightful journey into the psyche of an interesting clique. For full details, please visit the official DEVOtional 2002 Web site.

Here are some photos I snapped at the event:

Joe Machos, the brave soul who took on the task of arranging this year's DEVOtional, prepares the venue for the flood of geeks.

General Boy, aka Bob Mothersbaugh Sr., addresses the DEVOted crowd.

General Boy watches his son, Jim Mothersbaugh, while the crowd pays close attention. Jim was the original drummer for Devo during their early days.

Jim Mothersbaugh throws tons of audio tech geek speak.

Mitch/Occupant and Gadgetto flaunt the very rare JOCKO HOMO religious pamphlet from which Devo got some early inspiration.

Here's me, Michael Pilmer, picking names from the dome for the Devo raffle.

Very cool aluminum belt buckle made by a friend of Prof. Von Marko.

Close-up of the ultra-cool, ultra-geeky belt buckle. Geek out!

General Boy poses with my favorite person, JB. I can't believe I finally convinced her to attend the DEVOtional with me! She loved it, btw.

The General sucks the thinker right out of JB's head!
Brain-eating apes, indeed.
It is highly recommended that you haul a load of Devo crap with you when making the trek to a DEVOtional event. Shown here is the Devo-Obsesso table of artifacts being offered mostly for trade with other obsessives.
Me with Roger Casale (brother of Jerry and Bob2) and his partner. Roger and I had been enjoying copius amounts of beer, in case you couldn't tell.

Von Marko sports the Oh No, It's Devo eyewear as The Spudboys rock.

Booji tells it like it is as The Spudboys continue to rock those geeky beats.

Joe mans the door. All three years of DEVOtional Tees hang proudly.

JB liked the DEVOtional so much that she even helped our geeky pal, Malcolm Tent, clean up after it was all over. Go, JB! Watch out for that beard!