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Sept. 16th at The Lime Spider
Akron, O-hi-o

The report below was written by the one-and-only Kristin "She-Vo" Edwards, well known DEVOtee who wins the hearts of spuds worldwide. Thanks, She-Vo!

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- Michael/Devo-Obsesso

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After much anticipation my first trip to Akron surpasses my every devolved expectation! I arrived from San Francisco in Raleigh N. Carolina the previous Wednesday to hook up with spud guru and good friend Michael Pilmer (One of my favorite people on the planet!). We made the 10 hour road trip together in a car packed with spudwazz - enjoying the beautiful scenery and getting each other excited about the upcoming event! As a first time Akron visitor-I was quite overcome with emotion when we finally arrived and a few heartfelt tears ran down the cheek of this energy domed spudess!

Friday September 15th , the pre-DEVOtional activities kicked off appropriately in Kent Ohio with an afternoon rehearsal with DEVOtional mainstays and co-organizers the Spudboys and hardcore spuds performing the DEV-o-ke set with them. Extra special guest Jerry Casale showed up to rehearse his 3 songs he was performing the next night with the Spudboys. It was almost overwhelming for those present , especially when he launched into a spirited rendition of Clockout, and for the first time in 25 years Fountain of Filth! It was enough to warm the cockles of any good spuds heart! A performance including several bands followed that evening simultaneously with an exhibit of Mark Mothersbaugh art across the street at North Water Street Gallery.

DEVOtional 2006 started promptly at noon with spuds from all over the country filing in to mingle and mutate! Lots of vintage stuff on display and tons of hardcore spudwazz for sale or trade. Things got underway with screenings of some shows from the current tour as well as uber-rare black and white footage from the dawn of DEVOs live performances. Jihad Jerry himself arrived and very graciously posed for photos and signed newly purchased copies of his new CD "Mine Is Not A Holy War". He did three listening sessions followed by Q&A on anything and everything!

The performances really shifted the day into high gear - Poopy Necroponde delivered devolved and fantastic versions of some DEVO standards as well as some truly rare gems. Samantha's homespun banjo renditions of Worried Man and Love Without Anger followed in a beautiful juxtaposition to Poopy's brutal translations! Total DEVO!

Old School DEVO enthusiast Genral Jacket (with a warm intro from Jerry) played his own experimental jam versions of his favorite spudly tunes. Magicyclops as usual had the whole crowd entertained with his world class stage show and setlist including his own version of DEV2.O's Cyclops. The one and only DEVA - NYC's own premeire DEVO female fronted cover band brought the house down with their delicious setlist and tantalizing delivery! They had all the huboons crying their name, and if that wasn't enough their finale was a smokin' rendition of Jihad Jerry's Beehive with the man himself on vocals! The first public JJ performance! There were more than a few tears flowing in the club that night!

Last but certainly not least, the incomparable Spudboys took to the stage opening their set with Jerry singing Clockout, Fountain Of Filth and Beautiful World (worth the trip alone!!) they had all the spuds whipped into a frenzy with their superb setlist and inspired performance! By the time the final "DEV-O-KE set rolled around it was the perfect way to end an amazing day full of De-Evolution-with the faithful paying tribute to their beloved DEVO through sonic emulation!

For the truly devoted it can be an overwhelming and positively satisfying experience to meet the rabid spud collective and to make the pilgrimage to Akron to pay homage to the most significant band in our lives. If you were there-you know what I mean!

Duty Now for DEVOtional 2007,

-- She-vo
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Thanks to everyone who supplied photos for this report.